Neilson Research Corporation opened its doors in January of 1981. NRC was started by John W.T. Neilson, a chemist and microbiologist. He is still our chief executive officer. The corporation is privately held, and Mr. Neilson is the principal owner.

For the first five years of operation in the garage, we were known as Neilson Research Analytical Laboratory. We specialized in water microbiology and offered limited inorganic chemical analyses.

In 1985, our name was changed to Neilson Research Corporation and the laboratory was moved to a 1000 square foot facility at 446 Highland Drive. With outstanding laboratory staff and a competitive pricing structure, we expanded our services to offer a full line of microbiological and inorganic chemical analysis. Within a few short years we had outgrown that facility and were looking to increase our size once again.

We moved to 245 South Grape Street in February of 1990, where NRC worked out of one side of the building we currently occupy. With the added square footage we added an organic chemistry department, enabling us to offer our clients a complete, comprehensive range of analyses.

In June of 1999, Neilson Research Corporation bought the entire building at the corner of 10th and Grape streets. This 6500 square-foot facility enables us to house both the corporate headquarters and the laboratory departments under one roof. For more than 32 years we have continued to develop and enlarge our offerings to meet the needs of our clients. We expect to maintain this steady expansion within the analytical testing market for years to come.