The water systems that fall into this category have at least 15 service connections, or supply drinking water to 25 or more of the same people year-round in their residences. Neilson Research Corporation provides routine monitoring for cities, towns, subdivisions, and mobile home parks to meet these requirements. Our staff provides unquestionable data to satisfy regulatory authorities under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Routine Chemical Monitoring

Community Water Systems are subject to the following requirements for the 2017-2020 compliance period.



Surface Water


Ground Water


Inorganics Yearly One
Nitrate Quarterly Yearly
Volatile Organics Yearly One
Disinfection Byproducts Quarterly Yearly
Synthetic Organics One
Nitrite One
Asbestos One
Radionuclides (Community PWS only) 4 consecutive quarters
Lead and Copper One round

This table describes base line monitoring only. You will find details on number, location and timing of samples at