This category includes water systems that provide drinking water where people do not remain for long periods of time. This type of system serves more than 25 users but does not serve the same people every day. Neilson Research Corporation provides regular water analysis for restaurants, parks, playgrounds, and campgrounds to meet these requirements. Our staff provides unquestionable data to satisfy regulatory authorities under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Routine Chemical Monitoring

Transient Non-community Water Systems are subject to the following requirements for the 2017-2020 compliance period.

Chemicals Sample 


Inorganics (Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Fluoride, Mercury, Nickel, Nitrite, Selenium, and Thallium) once 


Nitrate yearly
Turbidity (for surface water only) 1 reading every 4 hours
Source of Water
Coliform Bacteria Ground Water (well) Surface Water (lake, stream)
Average Daily Population Served Monthly Sampling
< 1000 Quarterly Sampling >1000 Monthly Sampling
Quarterly Coliform Bacteria Sampling
Quarter Collect Sample Between
1st Quarter January 1 and March 31
2nd Quarter April 1 and June 30
3rd Quarter July 1 and September 30
4th Quarter October 1 and December 31

These tables describe base line monitoring only. You will find details on number, location, and timing samples at