Microbiological Analysis – Coliforms
Sampling Instructions and Test Information

Proper sampling techniques are extremely important in obtaining accurate water quality information. Only use sample containers provided by the laboratory.  DO NOT remove the cap from bottle until ready to fill.  DO NOT rinse the sample container.  There is a small amount of powdered chemical inside.

Sampling Instructions

  1. Select a tap that is frequently used, but avoid the kitchen sink faucet if possible. Do not use a single handle-mixing faucet.  Remove any aerators, hose attachments, or purification devices.
  2. Allow the water to flow full force for 3-5 minutes.  Turn water down to pencil size stream so it doesn’t splash.
  3. Note the 100 mL mark on the sterile sample bottle.  The white powder or tablet must remain in the container.  DO NOT RINSE THE CONTAINER.  Carefully open the bottle, keeping hands away from the inside of the cap or the bottle rim.  Fill the plastic container between the two lines on bottle.  DO NOT UNDERFILL.  A minimum of 100 ml sample is required.  If overfilled, DO NOT POUR OUT EXCESS.
  4. Fill out the information section on the left side of the form enclosed with the container.  Legibly print your name and mailing address in the lower box as it will appear in the window of the return envelope.
  5. Sample must be received within 24 hours after sample is taken.  All samples must be kept cold and brought to the laboratory in a cooler and on ice.  Samples that are too warm may be refused.
  6. Analysis time is 24 hours, and the results will be emailed directly to the email address noted on  the report form.