Environmental and Well Water Testing Analytical Laboratory

Neilson Research Corporation provides a full range of laboratory services to meet the needs of the general public, municipal, governmental, and industrial customers in the Grants Pass, OR area. Our analytical testing laboratory is equipped with highly technical and carefully calibrated equipment to enable our scientists to perform testing according to standards set by the EPA and other regulatory agencies.

We offer a variety of water testing services for drinking water, wastewater, sediment, and environmental samples. All testing is performed according to laboratory testing methods and requirements of the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act for drinking water and wastewater. We provide comprehensive water analysis for domestic well testing and public water systems.

Our environmental laboratory services include gas, diesel, PCB, underground storage tanks, organic chemical analysis, hazardous waste, asbestos, and metal analysis. Proper handling of domestic and industrial wastewater is essential for protecting the water, land, and wildlife. We conduct wastewater analysis for industrial facilities, as well as city, county, and state governmental entities.

Whether you are looking for labs to conduct well testing or environmental testing services in the Grants Pass, OR area, we invite you to browse our website to read more about our equipment and testing services. If you have questions or want to arrange testing services, please contact Neilson Research Corporation by telephone at 541-770-5678.