National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program is a centerpiece of the Clean Water Act (CWA), which regulates the discharge of wastewater into United States waters. All identified sources of wastewater must obtain a NPDES permit and withstand intense regulatory scrutiny.

Neilson Research Corporation performs regular monthly NPDES monitoring for cities, counties, school and government entities, and industrial and commercial facilities. Close attention is paid to changing requirements and deadlines so that fines and penalties are avoided. As part of our service to you, NRC will provide everything necessary for your required analysis including a convenient shipping container, sample bottles, ice packs, sampling instructions, and chain of custody and shipping documentation.

Common NPDES and WPCF permits which Neilson Research Corporation does analytical work for:

Permit Description Type
100-J Cooling water/heat pumps NPDES
200-J Filter backwash NPDES
300-J Fish hatcheries NPDES
400-J Log ponds NPDES
500-J Boiler blowdown NPDES
600 Offstream placer mining WPCF
700-PM Suction dredges
900-J Seafood processing NPDES
1000 Gravel mining WPCF
1200-A Stormwater permit for gravel mining NPDES
1200-C Construction that disturbs one acre or more NPDES
1200-COLS Industrial stormwater discharging to Columbia Slough NPDES
1200-Z Industrial stormwater NPDES
1300-J Oil stormwater runoff, oil/water separators NPDES
1400-A Wineries, fresh pack food processors WPCF
1400-B Canneries, food/animal processing, extracts WPCF
1500-A Tanks cleanup and treatment of groundwater NPDES
1700-A Wash Water NPDES
1700-B Wash Water WPCF
1900-J Non-contact geothermal NPDES