These systems provide drinking water in places that serve different people every day. The risk is low that any person will drink enough of this water to be at risk for cumulative exposure, and the regulated contaminant list reflects this lower risk. Neilson Research Corporation provides regular monitoring for places where water is provided to transient populations, such as parks, restaurants, campgrounds, and playgrounds. Neilson Research Corporation provides unquestionable data to satisfy regulatory authorities under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Transient/Non-community Water Systems
Regulated Contaminants and Maximum Levels
Inorganics mg/L
Antimony Total 0.006
Arsenic 0.010
Asbestos 7 MFL
Barium 2
Beryllium Total 0.004
Cadmium 0.005
Chromium 0.1
Cyanide 0.2
Fluoride 4.0
Mercury 0.002
Nickel 0.1
Nitrate-Nitrite 10
Nitrite 1
Selenium 0.05
Thallium Total 0.002
Nitrate 10
Coliform Bacteria None present
Turbidity Max Levels
Conventional/Direct filtration 1 NTU
Slow Sand Filtration 5 NTU
Diatomaceous Earth Filtration 5 NTU
Cartridge/bag filtration 5 NTU
Membrane Filtration 5 NTU